Vegan Beauty Product Roundup

Tired of scanning ingredient lists and researching animal testing policies? We feel you, which is why we are proud to point your attention to some of our favorite makeup companies that are totally vegan. From ultra-glittery makeup to long-lasting lip color, there’s something for everyone who, like us, enjoys a little bling. Thanks to this list, it’s easier than ever to revamp your beauty routine and go completely cruelty-free.

Milk Makeup Hotel Lobby Eye Pigment $24.00

Hotel Lobby is a light, champagne gold with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. The texture was creamy enough to spread easily across the lid but did not feel overly wet or slippery, so it applied with rich, opaque coverage. I felt like this shade was very, very pigmented, and a little went a long way (out of all five that I tried). I had no trouble applying this on the lid with a brush, but it worked well as an all-over lid color applied with fingertips. On me, the color was still going strong after twelve hours of wear.

The formula is supposed to be a “highly pigmented cream eyeshadow” that is “long-wearing” with a “soft, silky texture” that will dry “quickly without creasing” but is still “easily blendable.” I bought five shades (there are 11 in the range) and had good luck with three of them and found two to be more troublesome to use. It seemed like the more pearly shades were easier to use than the ones with larger sparkles. It was relatively easy to dispense the product without getting too much at once, but the product can get dried out and clog the opening.

The texture was smooth, creamy, and emollient enough to spread easily across the lid. The product dried down quickly, but I did not feel too rushed (I would still work one eye at a time, though). I noticed that they felt a bit heavier on the lids and had a tendency to cling and emphasize any texture on my lids (most noticeable on the inner portion of my lids). They lasted between nine and eleven hours on me with one of the more glittery shades crumbling over time. I applied mine using a flat, synthetic brush (like MAC 242) as well as fingertips, though I personally prefer brushes, so that is what I reached for most of the time.






TOTAL 100%


CoverFX Rose Custom Enhancer Drops in Rose Gold (Illuminating) $42.00

Rose Gold is a medium, rosy copper with warm, golden undertones and a pearly sheen. The finish was more metallic on this shade with medium, buildable coverage that was really as pigmented or as sheer as desired–it just depended on how much one applied. It wore well for ten hours on me.