Beauty Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without!

No matter how long-lasting your makeup products are, there is always a need to do a few retouches during the day.

This is because, during the day, our skin gets oily over time and slowly melts off our perfect makeup. An active lifestyle, windy climates, and many other factors can make your first makeup less than ideal.

No matter the consequences, you never want to be caught off guard at any point in time looking less than beautiful, especially when you bump into someone special *wink** and wish you had a little more lipstick on, ouch!

1. Lip Balm/Lip gloss

Ever been out and wished you had your lip balm with you? By dabbing on your lip balm, you save your lips from cracking out, especially during those dry winters. Grab yourself a lip balm before leaving home to hydrate and moisturize your pout regularly for supple, dewy lips.

2. Wet Wipes and Tissues

Wet wipes and tissues can be used to wipe off extra dirt, oil, and other impurities from your face to give you a refreshed and clean look. It's highly essential for sanitary purposes as well.

3. Tweezers

Tweezers will let go of the tiniest strands of hairs every time you need to. If you wish to have bombshell brows, tweezers with a perfect trip is an excellent option for you. Also, ensure to stay away from products with flat edges at the top. Not forgetting eyebrows sculpting tools to correct any imperfections on those brows.

4. Face Powder

It's always best to never leave home with a face powder in case of emergencies that require removing sweats and oils. It also gives an instant, fresh, and bright look that readily hides flaws on your face and leaves no traces of oil or sweat.

5. Concealer

Always keep a concealer with you in case you get an unwanted scar, zit, or red bump on your face. Even with the perfect makeup, after a few hours into your day, you might notice some dark circles that need to be covered up. So be sure to keep a concealer with you always to hide those blemishes.

6. Lipstick