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The best way to learn flawless makeup application is hands on. There is so much information to learn about make-up and application technique we have broken down our lessons into three different formats (face, eyes, lashes and brows). 

The lessons are an hour long to allow you a chance to try the techniques and products yourself.  

We suggest a week or so in-between any of the make-up lessons so that it gives you a chance to go home and practice and really absorb what we have talked about. Then you can come back with more questions as well.


includes foundation matching, prep and priming the skin, application technique, contour & highlight, blush application, bronzer, and concealer


any style, liner, application technique, ideal color placement, and brush choices

Lashes & Brows

Lash application technique…tips and tricks, proper brow shaping and color



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Our Makeup Artistry courses range from beginner to Master classes. Learn SFX makeup by the pros or learn to start a business in bridal makeup.

With hands on training and a practicum component, you’ll quickly find yourself with the title of Makeup Artist. Our makeup certification training course grants you an elite level of skill that most artists don't posses.  

Makeup Artistry Training

What makes our classes unique is the class size. Our class sizes are kept small to ensure every student gains valuable time with the instructor and can feel free to ask questions.

Master Makeup Artistry Training

In our Master Makeup Artistry courses you'll learn how to do makeup for high fashion, theater productions, television and film, editorial photo shoots, and more.

Special FX Makeup Training

In our Special FX Makeup course gives you the chance to flex your creative muscle as you learn how to age characters, create realistic injuries, apply and color prosthetics, make hair pieces, and much more!

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At Legendary Makeup & Hair, we are not selling a brand. We are not teaching you how to apply lashes  specifically for a certain company. When you complete our training you will know how to apply lashes safely and beautifully no matter what brand of lashes you choose to use and there is NO requirement to purchase anything to keep your certification active. Our manual does not mention any brand, but reviews the general products used by most companies. We offer Classic and Volume courses depending on your skill level.

Classic Eyelash Extension Training

The Classic Eyelash Extension Certification Course will cover how to apply eyelash extensions safely and correctly. Theory of safety, sanitation and best practices will be taught and graded to ensure thorough knowledge and sound practices. Practical application will be observed and graded in order to ensure correct application of extensions.  

Volume Eyelash Extension Training

The Volume Lash course is broken down into 12 comprehensive class modules and 2 bonus modules. This is not your average lash course, this is a professionally developed program dedicated to developing your knowledge, skills and confidence. Your ability to provide professional eyelash extensions, volume-heavy lashes, and educating your customers on the techniques will give you an ever-growing client base.