COVID - 19

At Legendary Makeup & Hair, everything we do is done with you in mind because you are the heartbeat of this inspiring and resilient industry. It’s all about you, your community, your family, and your wedding guests. 

We’ve seen many concerns and questions regarding COVID-19 and what it means for your wedding event. We want to provide you with the information and resources you need to help navigate this trying time. 

We are staying close to this situation and we will continue to provide education and tips to help you continue to move forward because love is not canceled. Make sure to bookmark this page and use it to stay informed, supported, and empowered. Here is what to expect from us: 

 Safety and health requirements and guidelines we've established per the Washington & Oregon State Department of Labor & Industries and the Washington & Oregon State Department of Health.


For any service that necessitates removal of customer’s face covering (i.e. makeup), the following apply: •


  • Our service providers are required to wear face coverings.

  • Our service providers will minimize the amount of time the customer’s face covering is removed.

  • We are encouraging our customer to refrain from speaking while face covering is removed.

  • We have developed a comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation, and recovery plan which must be adhered to.

  • We have provided education for our service providers on how to prevent transmission

  • We have and always will ensure frequent and adequate hand washing with adequate maintenance of supplies.

  • We also pre-screen personal employee-service providers for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 at the start of each shift.

  • Our service providers follow the cleaning guidelines set by the CDC to clean and disinfect.

  • All service providers are trained to covering the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing as well as other hygienic recommendations by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • We're also laundering all linens, towels, drapes, smocks, etc., in accordance with WAC 308-20-110

  • We've provided disinfectants to service providers.

  • All service provides are required to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces after each use, including their work area, mirrors, chairs, hand tools, other equipment.

  • All porous and soft surface tools cannot be disinfected and must be discarded after a single use.


For all on-location events we ask the following from our clients:

  • Provide soap and running water at the location for frequent handwashing. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain more than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol can also be used, but are not a replacement for the water requirement. Personal service providers are encouraged to leave their workstations to wash their hands regularly, before and after going to the bathroom, before and after eating, and after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose.

  • Clients must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving at the service location.

  • Clients should not bring other guests with them to their trial appointments

  • We ask that the participants arrive a half-hour before their scheduled appointment time and that only those currently getting services be in the ready area.


We're all in this together and we’re going to be as accommodating as possible but your safety and the safety of your guests is the number one priority.